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Farming the oceans for a sustainable future

Sea6 Energy is developing enabling technologies to grow and convert seaplants into biofuel, plant growth stimulants, and other bio-renewable products.

There is an urgent need to replace fossil fuels and its derivatives with an environmentally friendly and sustainable alternative. Today, converting photosynthetic biomass (plants, grasses, algae, etc) into fuels is our most viable option for creating a sustainable drop-in replacement to liquid crude oil.

Deciding which feedstock to grow is not simply a matter of which crop can be converted to fuel. The real problem is in growing huge quantities of biomass as nearly all feedstocks use the same limited resources (arable land, fresh water and fertilizer) which go into agriculture. This already has and would lead to further problems in our food supply. These are conflicts that are best avoided.

Sea6 Energy believes that seaplants circumvent exactly this problem as they offer an unmatched potential for scalability. Growing seaplants on a large scale captures and recycles carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and all the useful nutrients that have washed into the sea. The fact that seaplants grow in the ocean means it does not utilize scarce resources like land and freshwater for biomass production. In addition, there is no requirement for fertilizer either since these plants are naturally optimized to capture nutrients from the seawater.

Sea6 Energy envisions a future where the abundant oceans will be our biomass farms of tomorrow to provide solutions in energy, agriculture and food.

What we do

We are a group of young, energetic and dynamic people
attemping to find a solution for India's energy and food problems using ocean agriculture

Ocean Farming
At large scales, low costs and in more places

The ocean farming team develops technologies for cultivating and harvesting seaplants on the ocean in a scalable manner. At the core of the technology lies engineering of a proprietary low-cost, floating mesh structure which is used for large scale cultivation of seaplants. These structures are designed to withstand harsh offshore conditions. The uniqueness of these structures lie in its ability to form inherently flexible modules which adapt to the varying contours of the ocean surface. We carry out large scale simulations to learn effective ways in which the modules could be potentially spread over several hectares on the ocean surface.

We also develop technology that enables operation and handling of massive quantities of biomass cultivated on these floating farms. We custom design machines that automate labour intensive activities of growing and harvesting the seaplants, especially while operating offshore. This facilitates large scale ocean agriculture. These sea derived, renewable feed stocks are further converted to useful products.

Research and Development
Adding value to sea derived biomass

Sea6 Energy’s R&D division consists of highly qualified people from diverse technical and educational backgrounds. The interdisciplinary nature of the team enables novel and stimulating ideas leading to development of new technologies and products with strong foundations in science and engineering. We envision that these developments can create a lasting impact on the way we make fuel to the way we grow our food to what we add in our cosmetics, without compromising on our ultimate of goal of a green and sustainable future.

R&D activities focus on developing value added products from sea plants. We have developed proprietary bio-processes to make plant growth stimulants that significantly enhance the productivity of traditional agricultural farms. We are improving processes to make functional food ingredients from seaplants, refining nutrient supplements in animal feed, and harnessing natural compounds as active molecules in cosmetics. We are also evolving products with applications in biopolymers and bioplastics.

Sea6 Energy and its collaborators are researching the crucial components of technology required to enable the conversion of seaplant biomass to fuel with minimal use of fresh water. We are investigating particularly exciting processes of Hydro-Thermal Conversion (HTC) to fuel. HTC mimics the process by which ancient plants were converted into fossil fuels. Reactions that have taken millennia, to form trapped crude in the earth, are now accelerated to a matter of minutes facilitating gasification and bio-crude synthesis from seaplants. We are also exploring bio-gasification and salt water fermentation to take the seaplant biomass into biofuels and bio-renewables. By providing these key pieces, which fit into a proven technological practice, we think that seaplant based bio-renewables can leap frog as a sustainable eco-friendly replacement for fossil fuel and its derived products.

Our Team

Sea6 Energy brings together people from diverse backgrounds with finest proficiency in areas such as aerospace engineering, ocean engineering, engineering design, bio-technology, chemcial and biorocess engineering, agriculture, marine biology and business analysts. Our teams are a well balanced blend of young and energetic people with experienced mentors and advisors.


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Please feel free to get in touch with us for any queries regarding technology news, jobs, interns etc. We will try to respond as soon as we can

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Please feel free to get in touch with us for any queries regarding technology news, jobs, interns etc. We will try to respond as soon as we can.

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