Farming the oceans to meet our energy demand

Sea6 Energy is developing technology to grow and convert seaweeds into biofuel.

Sea6 Energy awarded "The Emerging Company of the Year" at Bangalore India Bio 2012!

There is an urgent need to replace fossil fuels with an environmentally friendly and sustainable alternative. Liquid fuels derived from fossil fuel are the bedrock of the modern industrialized world . Today, converting photosynthetic biomass (plants, grasses, algae, etc) into fuels is our only possible route for creating a sustainable drop-in replacement to crude oil.

But deciding which crop to grow is not simply a matter of which crop can be converted to fuel. The real problem is in growing huge quantities of biomass because nearly all biomass feedstocks make use of the same limited resources (arable land, fresh water and fertilizer) which go into agriculture. This already has and would leads to further problems in our food supply. These are conflicts that are best avoided.

Sea6 Energy believes that seaweeds circumvent exactly this problem. Seaweeds, technically known as macro-algae, offer an unmatched potential for scalability by growing directly on the ocean surface and extracting nutrients from flowing water. They have a proven high productivity and are cultivated across the world for various speciality food products at a very nominal price.

Sea6 Energy has identified the crucial technology elements that will be needed to develop seaweed biomass derived biofuel as a viable replacement for liquid fuel. Along with our network of partners, we are working towards improving the cultivation and conversion technology of seaweed to fuel.

Sea6 Energy envisions a future where the abundant oceans will be our energy farms of tomorrow.